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This time again!!! Indian teenagers just do the magic ūüėČ They again find a bug in whatsapp which is recently purchased by facebook in $19 billion ¬†. So it’s time to crash your friends whatsapp messanger¬†.

In this video they showed that by sending 200 kb file one can crash whatsapp of his friend .

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Do you want to know how to crash whatsapp of your friend ??
It’s simple , just send a 2000 words message full of special characters . To copy these special character Click Here¬†and download untitled.txt . Now just open the file, copy these characters and send to your friends .

what does happens?? And what is your benifit in it?

There are two reasons to do this:
1)Only for fun
2)If you want to delete your chats from his/her phone.

How to solve it?

There is only one method to solve it for now , delete the chat of person.

What is the vulnerability or bug in whatsapp?

Well it is hard to say that it is a bug in android or whatsapp because if you have ram more than 3GB in your phone it will not crashed. So It’s simply called Exploits¬†¬†, exploits through buffer-code overflow . To see how it works see our previous posts.
I am just describing it here in short.
Buffer overflow is the process when you passes arguments to the function larger than it’s stack size ,then the stack get overflowed. For example size of stack =300 and you passes 1000 characters to it .What does happens at this situation? Just exploit¬†

Do you want to learn Exploits??
Start from Basic Linux Exploits:Make your Pc more secure and learn the basics of computer world

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  1. Questions, Is your file containing the characters the same as the characters used in the video? And is it working if I test with my friends? And how exactly should I send it, I tried copying the whole text inside your notepad file but when I paste in a whatsapp conversation whatsapp crashes. Can you send a screenshot or a video of you testing it?
    Or can you tell me in details how it is like when you do it like I’ve noticed in the notepad that it’s the same word you’re repeating many times, so is the space between every word included? And should every word be on a seperate line or should I keep pasting the word? but in that way the word you used will be on each line 2 times and a part of it the third time I paste it. like: test test te (new line)st
    A screenshot of the conservation would answer most of the questions and if you can specify the number of times the word is used.

    • Yes Changfeng , even you can use smiles or any other special characters . The real problem is just size of your message , if you send message of more than 200kb:- you can crashed your friends whatsapp.

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