Today is very first day of “Launch of Digital India Week“, prime minister of India PM Narendra Modi inspires India by their speech. He said ” What if cyber war begins and our India just stop it using one click”. He said “I dream of a Digital India where cyber security become part of our national security “. They inspire our youth of nation by their speech live on DD National . PM said “I dream a Digital India where farmers can use real-time statics , I dream a Digital India where we can use latest technology in health and education department”. PM of India said “Today in India , children’s school bag weight is more than their own weight. We need a solution for this , and I think technology is the best solution . Where only one device can store complete set of syllabus “. He said -“Why we need to import electronics product from foreign countries ? I dream a Digital India where we will made digital products and need not to import them from foreign”. He said – “In upcoming days, India will be the second largest country with reference to startups after America. But it is not enough because I dream a Digital India where we are on Top”.   Let’s discuss what is Digital India means ?

What is Digital India means?

Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork.
Digital India has mainly three core components:

  • The creation of digital infrastructure
  • Delivering services digitally
  • Digital literacy

It is a two way platform where both the service providers and the consumers stand to benefit. The scheme will be monitored and controlled by the Digital India Advisory group which will be chaired by the Ministry of communications and IT.

For rapid economic growth , digital technologies such as  Cloud Computing and Mobile application development etc play the role of catalyst. Digital technologies are being increasingly used by us in real life from e-commerce stores to government department(Ex- IRCTC) .

The objective of the Digital India Group is to come out with innovative ideas and practical solutions to realise. The P.M of India Narendra Modi said – ” Why the search engines like google are not innovated by Indians ?? , I dream Digital India where digital innovation are by youth of India. Prime Minister Modi envisions transforming our nation and creating opportunities for all citizens by harnessing digital technologies. His vision is to empower every citizen with access to digital services, knowledge and information. This Group will come up with policies and best practices from around the world to make this vision of a digital India a reality.

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