Mozilla Placing High Bandwidth Tor Middle Relays

 Mozilla Placing High Bandwidth Tor Middle Relays to add more secure anonymity in Firefox. Tor and Mozilla working together to provide a more secure privacy feature to Firefox . To provide Secure communication Mozilla Placing High Bandwidth Tor Middle Relays by adding 12 relays to distribute user traffic but all these relays currently running only in USA. Purpose

 Tor Relays

Tor routes which receive traffic on Tor network and pass it on the Tor network. Tor consist of three relays

  1. middle relays
  2. exit relays
  3. Bridges

All Tor Traffic passes through at least three relays before it reaches to its destination for greater security. Middle relays receive and pass traffic to another relay and its main purpose is to add speed and robustness of Tor network without making the owner of the Relay look like the source of the traffic.

 Tor Brower

Tor Brower is based on Mozilla Firefox that include Private Browsing mod which prevents browsing information from being saved locally and in future it may integrate disk avoidance anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting. Tor Brower 

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 Powerful middle relays with 12 relays

Mozilla Placing High Bandwidth Tor Middle Relays by adding 12 relays in middle relays. All these relays are in running state in USA named as Mozilla1, Mozila6 ,Mozilla10……. there Nickname Advertise Bandwidth, Uptime country Learn More…..


  • This platform is not completely running and utilizing its bandwidth
  • More than two nodes cannot share same IP address
  • If n future more than two nodes can share same IP address it may an invitation to an attacker to launch fake nodes having same IP to bypass anonymity.
  • Tor would last up to two months to monitor the utilization of bandwidth precisely.

 Future work

in Future to utilize maximum bandwidth capicity it may moved to mozilla’s managed infrastucture and having IPV^ connectivity support.

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