Old dogs packing their bags containing new tricks” as per our reason to write this particular article is given by middle aged IT pros. It wouldnt be wrong to say that younger minds are more active than old minds. The average IT pro is no longer a spring chicken as per survey results. May be some of us might think that they arent good at learning but the reality is something great that, if an IT pro need to be an industry for more than a decade he would already have to be pretty good at learning  otherwise will be next to impossible to compete with others.

The middle aged IT pros teaching old dogs new tricks signifies that technologies such as powershell or powershell DSC are accustomed by the everyday average wrangler, then a quick process for massive amount of learning would be seen for new information and new ways of doing things or in other way we can conclude that our technology will climb heights with a great pace as Microsoft needs the everyday average wrangler.

An excellent mind of an IT pro can be proved by just giving them a path and they will develop or grab information rapidly. They just need a spark they will fire up your walls. A bit of documentation with a bit of guidance they will explore that particular technology till infinite of their minds.

If the IT pros are not performing a task then doesnt signify that they cant, it is just that they are busy in performing other specific tasks, focused on exploring something new stuff.

It`s IT pros who are needed to learn these technologies only if they are going to be used widely in a short span of time as for an example we can surely have the example of Windows10 and Nano server, or the Powershell and Powershell DSC as already informed above and so on are the short term adapted technologies which depends on the IT engineers and the structure design or idea given to them but their implementation, also by the education provided by the company. In addition the company partners who inform in detail how to use the technology or to accomplish the tasks which should or need to be meaningful for the users of the world.

To not to assume that IT pros and the developers are indirectly becoming the thieves of new technology is the best way to teach old dogs new tricks.

IT pros can find an interesting and latest technology which can be a blast for common people in a short period of time even in their leisure time or lazy hours.

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