Nexus 6:

Nexus 6      Nexus 6

Google is offering a latest sixth generation mobile device Nexus 6. It is a new mobile in market. It is coming soon. It is with the competition of iPhone6, Samsung galaxy S5 and more………

Release date of Nexus 6:

As usual, Google launches new devices every year. Therefore, it will launch Nexus 6 in this year. But Google did not announce official date of release of Nexus 6. Google announced Nexus 5 on 31, October 2013. But it was released after two weeks. Same expectations are from Google in this year. According to anonymous resources, Nexus 6 will be announced by Google on 15 or 16 October 2014.

Google told that Nexus 6 will be not be announced in first half of this year. It will be available on 1st November. Wall Street Journal gives report that it will coming soon inside this month.

Nexus 6

Above information is from android developer. It is leaked information. In short, Google will launch Nexuses devices in this month.

Price of Nexus 6:

When Nexus 5 launched, its price was $349/£299 for 16 GB model. Now imagine, price of next version will be more. Because it will have more features than Nexus 5. Google will not tell price of Nexus still. Its starting price may be $349, £300, AU$400.

Operating System of Nexus 6:

Operating System for Nexus 6 will be Android L. Android L is new advanced feature OS. It has been launched officially in June 2014. It provides lots of colors, animation and different looks while pressing buttons. Google also have updated all apps in new design including play store.

Manufacturer of Nexus 6:

Actually Google does not build devices itself. But it hires professional of HTC, Samsung, and LG. These companies have made all previous nexuses devices. Nexus 4 and Nexus have been made by LG. But, now this new device was made by Motorola Company.

Design of Nexus 6:

Nexus 6.png   Nexus 6.png

As rumors and leaked images, it is black rectangle shaped. Its edges are curve shaped. Its screen consists of large bezels above and below its own. Sign of any button will be disappeared. As its manufacturer is Motorola, therefore its shape is looked like ‘new Moto X’. Its frame is of aluminum.

According to rumors, front-facing stereo speakers will also be included. As we see in pic. Front-facing speaker, power and volume buttons will be located on half edge down the right side. Its screen size will be 5.92 inch.

So, it’s not confirmed it may or may not in mobile size.

Power of Nexus 6:

It will have 206 GHz quad-core Snapdrogon 805 processor. Its RAM will be 3 GB. Rumors also claims that battery will be 3200 mAh .

Android Police tells 3200 + mAh will provide fast charging. It will be used 8 hours because of this battery life. It will take 15 minute to be charged from Motorola’s turbo charger.

Camera of Nexus 6:

It will have 13 MP camera and 2.1 MP front facing.

Fingerprint scanner of Nexus 6:

Android Police claims that fingerprint feature will be included in Nexus 6. It is placed in backside as dimple.

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