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PentestBox is a portable penetration testing distribution for Windows environments. It provides an efficient platform for Penetration testing on windows platform. From the publicly available download stats we are sure that more than 60% users uses windows that is the only reason to develop PentestBox. PentestBox is not like other Penetration Testing Distributions which runs on virtual machines instead it runs on host machine.

Below are some Download stats 

(1) Samurai Web Testing Framework - 66% windows download

(2)Santoku Linux - 60% windows download

(3)Parrot OS - 59% windows download

We were not able to find publicy availabe stats for others Pentesting Distros but we are sure that more than 60% users uses windows.

Commandline Utility:

PentestBox gives you the features which you miss you most in windows i.e., CommandLine utility . You can know more about list of tools in PentestBox on . There you will find list of the tools which are inside PentestBox and how to use them.

Better Performance

As we told you in above paragraph PentestBox works on host machine instead of Virtual Machine so performance is obviously better. You may also like its UI( User Interface), it is the same green font on black terminal but in an modern way.
Also no dependency needed for PentestBox, all the dependencies required by tools are inside PentestBox, so you can even run PentestBox on freshly installed windows without any hassle. They also take care of Portability, PentestBox is entirely portbale, so now you can carry your own Penetration Testing Environment on a USB stick. It will take care of dependencies required to run tools which are inside it.


Below you can find its demo video

Linux Environment

Pentest Box provides you linux environment , it contains nearly all utilities like bash, cat, chmod, curl, git, gzip, ls, mv, ps, ssh, sh, uname and others.Because of this most of the pentesting tools which were earlier compatible only with Linux are working smoothly in PentestBox.
The most excited thing is that it contains your favorite text editor “vim” 😉 .For complete list, please look at

You can find more about on its official website .

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