Google Is Looking For Testers For Its Jump virtual reality Video Cameras

Google wants YOU to test their Jump virtual reality video capture platform.The company is opening up invitations to anyone interested in testing it out, with a form where you can specify what you’d like to do with it, and provide a little bit about your background.

About Jump Camera Rig

The Jump virtual reality camera rig consists of 16 camera modules in a circular array. The size of the rig and the arrangement of the cameras are optimized to work with the Jump assembler. It will gives you Experience like you are there.

Jump Assembler

Advanced computer vision and whole lot of computing power to transform 16 pieces of video into stereoscopic VR video

Features of Jump virtual reality

Jump virtual reality assembles 360 video which will enable you to visualize scene in every direction. It’s perfect stereo ensures that near things look near while far look far. It’s 3D alignment create panorama such that you won’t see borders where cameras are spliced together.
It assembled in 3D with super high-resolution equivalent to 4K TV’s playing at once.Jump is also coming to YouTube soon, letting you experience immersive video from your smartphone.

Google says “Jump enables creators to capture the world in VR video–video that you can step inside of–and make it available to everyone.

Select creators will get access to Jump starting this summer. If you’re interested in hearing more or getting the chance to take a Jump camera out for a spin, sign up below.”

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What you need to do to test their Jump VR video Platform

Now what you need to do is -just fill this form which will ask you for your basic info and interests. They will also ask youTell us a bit about why you’d like to try out a Jump camera ??Why do you want to test a Jump camera?. About your previous work or say about your background(Links for your previous work) . It may be a big chance to ,so gamers just grab it ;).

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  1. What a great opportunity for experienced developers who are moving into the VR production space. As young, hungry, creative entrepreneurs, this is a great offer to empower talented folks to experiment with new technology while reaching their creative goals. Very excited about this!

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