Qualcomm Sanpdragon 820 Soc with Smart Protection



Snapdragon 820 with anti-malware technology

The Newly Top high-ending Qualcomm Sanpdragon 820 Soc has been frequently discussed,the new features in Snapdragon 820 Soc  supports Smart Protection (real-time) i.e anti-malware technology. The newly smart protection will provide protection from unknown zero-day malware threats. It is based on Qualcomm Zeroth machine learning platform. Smart protection analyses the behavior of application (learning based behavioral analysis) in real-time detect and classify suspicious or anomalous of application.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Soc

Snapdragon 820 is 14nm based Soc, supports Dual-channel LPDDR4 memory upto @1688MHz.The latest Adreno 530 GPU and Spectra ISP appears on chip.The latest Qualcomm Sanpdragon 820 GPU  40% improvement over an average benchmark over Adreno 430, due to its design upto 40% reduce energy consumption. Adreno 530 GPU supports OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP (Android Extension Pack), RenderScript, OpenCl 2.0.OpenCL 2.0 support Shared Virtual Memory  between host program and device kernel. Snapdragon 820 support external 4K display at 60 fps, at wireless display streaming support 4K with reduced 30 fps frame rate.

Snapdragon 820 GPU

Qualcomm new Spectra image signal processor,The new Snapdragon 820 design to handle 3 simultaneous 25 megapixels camera at 30fps with programmable pre-processing and post processing DSP. In Qualcomm Spectra ISP uses MIPI’s higher bandwidth C-PHY serial interface for better camera support.

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