LENOVO Miix 700: Surface Killer

Lenovo has undoubtedly done more than any other pc maker as now, a new ideapad has been launched by Lenovo i.e.; LENOVO Miix 700. Lenovo fans will likely appreciate the LENOVO Miix 700 because of its stylish and solid keyboard implementation.

LENOVO Miix 700: Price and Specifications

The price of LENOVO Miix 700 starts from $699 and will be accessible from November. The miix 700 runs up to an Intel core M-7 processor. You can still include up to 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB of SSD, its 12” screen contains a resolution of 2160X1440 pixels, weight is 1.7 pounds including keyboard, where keyboard is detachable.


Lenovo has also added sim card slots with optional LTE. It is also a multiposition hinge and consists of two USB ports (one 2.0 another of 3.0).  Camera of 5mp (front and rear). Its Intel real sense 3D camera will let you log into windows 10 using just your face, this is something which has been done by none of the tablet yet. It is still surprising to see it pull off a very usable keyboard on a tablet cover. It also folds up slightly on to the tablet`s screen to give the keys a bit of angle. The innovation is going beyond the expected norms for what a windows device should be, is clearly visible in miix 700.

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