In our previous article Finally Hackers Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data Onto Dark Web we told you why the group of hackers dumped Ashley Madison’s Data on dark web which includes Email id of users , home address , credit card number and lots of more information. After than they dumped other 300 GB data with nude pics and other information.These groups of hackers things more worse by releasing 20GB of companies internal data which includes.personal emails from CEO of Avid Life(Parent company of Ashley Madison), Noel Biderman. They also releases source code of Complete Ashley Madison Website , It’s Mobile. Here it is , what they said:

_______ _____ __  __ ______ _       _    _ _____  _ 
 |__   __|_   _|  \/  |  ____( )     | |  | |  __ \| |
    | |    | | | \  / | |__  |/ ___  | |  | | |__) | |
    | |    | | | |\/| |  __|   / __| | |  | |  ___/| |
    | |   _| |_| |  | | |____  \__ \ | |__| | |    |_|
    |_|  |_____|_|  |_|______| |___/  \____/|_|    (_)

Avid Life Media has failed to take down Ashley Madison and Established Men. 
We have explained the fraud, deceit, and stupidity of ALM and their members. 
Now everyone gets to see their data.

Find someone you know in here? Keep in mind the site is a scam with thousands 
of fake female profiles. See ashley madison fake profile lawsuit; 90-95% of 
actual users are male. Chances are your man signed up on the world's biggest 
affair site, but never had one. He just tried to. If that distinction matters.

Find yourself in here? It was ALM that failed you and lied to you. Prosecute 
them and claim damages. Then move on with your life. Learn your lesson and make 
amends. Embarrassing now, but you'll get over it.

Any data not signed with key 6E50 3F39 BA6A EAAD D81D  ECFF 2437 3CD5 74AB AA38 
is fake.

New Torrent from Impact Team (Dump #3)

Message from Impact Team (Dump #2)
Torrent from Impact Team (Dump #2)

Impact Team's statement on the release
Impact Team's PGP signature for the released statement
Impact Team's PGP Key
Torrent for the released data 

Note from Buffercode:

We are not Impact Team, in case that wasn’t clear.
Please use this data responsibly.
We just put it here to aware you what worst can happen, please don’t use this data to blackmail someone. Just think like Your own family member may be there. So think before use it.
Thank you.
Also if you would like to know more about how to protect your privacy online, the Buffercode would be worth a look.
We can be contacted at the addresses listed below.
[email protected]

We don’t know what impact team did was right or wrong but yes it is illegal. However it is not just illegal but also this Ashley Madison hack leads to extortion and suicides. We request you to not expose someone.

“Two unconfirmed reports of suicides due to #AshleyMadisonHack, says Acting Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans at Aug 24 press conference,” Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice)tweeted.

Ashley Madison puts $500,000 Bounty on Hackers’ Head

Yes, $500K goes to whoever provides Ashley Madison info on hackers. Avid Life Media, the parent company of Ashley Madison is offering a reward of approx About $379,000 USD or CA$500,000 for the information of the person or persons responsible for breaching the site’s database. Here is @TorontoPolice News Conference Re: Ashley Madison Website Hack


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