Ten hilarious programmers facts that only programmers can understand

Programmers Facts

Computer programmers are smarter than normal people in term of computers and code ,but honestly some of them are really crazy .Programmer are someone who always think and express their ideas in the terms of “0” and “1”.

Who is programmer?
A person who fixed a problem that you don't know you have, in a way you don't understand.

Real programmer don’t comment their codes..!! Bcoz if it was hard to write it must be hard to read..!

We are sharing here some hilarious and geeky programmers facts that only programmers can understand.


Counting starts from zero, not one

Ten hilarious facts that only programmers can understand

It is most important fact that make a big difference in between a programmer and normal people. Zero ‘0’ is used as index to point out starting element. Programmer counting starts from zero or we can say that programmers 10 is same as 11 of normal people.


Programs you use are the gift of programmers mistakes

Ten hilarious facts that only programmers can understand

Most critical softwares and websites you use in your everyday life including facebook has terrifying number of hacks and shortcuts . What you use are not exactly what they want to develop.The most interesting thing is that these hacks and shortcuts barely fit into working whole .

It would be like taking apart a brand-new 747 and discovering that the fuel line is held in place by a coat-hanger and the landing gear is attached with duct tape.” – Ben Cherry


35% of time we spent on finding what end-user will do something wrong

It may be 45% or more depends on what you develop and what you are doing. Every time we build something or every time we write some code ,we have to sit back and think about how the end-user end up with fucking it up. What they can click on , what they write and how they use our projects. Because the main thing is we know how program work but the end-user doesn’t.


Sleeping with a problem, can actually solve it

Sometime if a programmer have a problem that is not getting solved after effort of too much hours, they take rest and go to sleep.When they wake up ,what just happens ???  Their problem gets solved because programmer are those who never give up ,they think about their problem even while they are in sleeping mode :p . They try to make their effort until their problem get solved.


                   “Programming is thinking, not typing” -Casey Patton

Programming is purely based on thinking and logical approach to solve a problem.Most of programming is spent sleeping, walking around, staring out the window, or doing anything else that helps you relax and think.If you think logical you can be a programmer.

"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of Universe, or you want to pursue a career in 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn."
-- Stephen Hawking


“A programmer is not a PC repair man.” -Kushagra Sharma

Some people think that programmer are those who can repair PC, but it is wrong programmer are those who know internal working of computer and who know how to code .Programmers are one who deal with algorithms and designing principals not a PC repair man. We may know how the internal things in computer and code work together but it doesn’t means we can fix the issue of crashing #Chrome(May be we can tell you why it crashes ). It even happens sometimes with me :

Sometime people asks me the best photo editing application for android and if I said “I don’t know ” , they starting to say you are not real computer science engineer or like you don’t know anything about computer.


“Programmers are nightgeeks”

Ten hilarious programmers facts that only programmers can understand

Do you ever wondered why programmers are nightgeeks?? Or in simple words why we stay up all the night??We stay up all the night because we find silence and more focused environment at night. We love to work in focused environment where we can think and apply our code. It’s never be easy and even sometime irritating to write a code from scratch in front of someone( When someone is staring at you). We don’t want to interrupted by anyone while coding.  And as you know night is the best time to do it without interrupted by anyone-as all are in sleeping mode 😉 . So it’s a great time to program and think and even a long time from a day when no one can call you or disturb you.


“A parent may kill its child”

Ten hilarious programmers facts that only programmers can understand

Oh!!! now you want to check my mental health status, don’t you??
No no , it’s not what you think about . It’s about programs we wrote .Programs are written in a hierarchy with the parent(process) managing their child(thread).
In programming when a program no longer need its child task ,they will kill it.
For Ex: When main activity of your android application no longer need to read your database, it will murdered by its parent.


“As you don’t care about computer world , we don’t care about real world”

Seriously please stop annoying us, just stop it. We don’t care , really we don’t care how proud you are by knowing about politics or economics  or other real world things. We love to live in virtual world or say computer world. We really don’t care if you are null in computer science as you are usually not impressed when we brag about how much we know about computer’s and similarly we are not impressed when you brag about how much you know about bloody politics etc.

And at last Fact#9

“Programming is not easy as it sounds”

Programming is much harder than it sounds. Programming is not just making a program to find even or odd number , but in real world it is to build real-time applications and softwares. Sometime when we say we are programmers people start asking us to build Games for them. Fuck you guys if you are from them, game building is a team process not a joke . It just sounds easy but you even can’t imagine the degree of difficulty to make even a simplest game.

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  1. I’m a programmer just like you guys seem to be, though I’m 12 and still in junior school. And yes, I totally agree with #9 😀 Sometimes I tell my friends that I’ve been doing programming for over a year or 2 now, so they just think that I must be either bragging, or just really good at it. So they just reply with “Alright, make a game and show me tomorrow.” Although that is a bit inaccurate, since they don’t say “Show me tomorrow”, but hey, it’s probably what they’re thinking. But yes, they do want me to make a game and everything xD