Programmers Facts

Computer programmers are smarter than normal people in term of computers and code. They always think and express their ideas in the terms of “0” and “1”. Truly speaking the programmers are fanatics.

Who is programmer?
A person who fixes an unrecognizable problem that is difficult to understand.

Real programmer don’t comment their codes..!! BEcAuSE if it was hard to write it must be hard to read..!

We are sharing here some hilarious and geeky programmers facts that only programmers can understand.


Counting starts from zero, not one

Ten hilarious facts that only programmers can understand

The most important fact that makes a big difference between a programmer and normal person is the counting that starts from zero for programmers and one for normal person. Zero ‘0’ is used as an index to point out starting element. In conclusion, programmers 10 is similar to 11 of normal person.


Programs you use are the gift of programmers mistakes

Ten hilarious facts that only programmers can understand

Most critical softwares and websites used in everyday life including facebook has terrifying number of hacks and shortcuts . The softwares used are not exactly the same that developer wants to develop. The most interesting thing is that these hacks and shortcuts barely fit into working whole .

It would be like taking apart a brand-new 747 and discovering that the fuel line is held in place by a coat-hanger and the landing gear is attached with duct tape.” – Ben Cherry


35% of time we spent on finding what end-user will do something wrong

It takes 45% or more depending on what the programmer develops  . A programmer exhaust himself thinking about the end-user, handling the application before developing something or writing some code. The end-user can use the projects as per the will for instance how to click, write codes and use the project. A programmer knows how the program works but the end-user doesn’t.


Sleeping with a problem, can actually solve it

Sometimes a programmer faces a problem that is difficult to solve even after giving numerous tries for hours. They slip to bed and poof! Sleeps. When they wake up ,what just happens ???  Problem solved!!! Because a programmer never gives up, they keep on thinking about the result and and where the problem lies even while they are asleep :p . They work continuously for days until they reach to the conclusion.


                   “Programming is thinking, not typing” -Casey Patton

Programming is purely based on imagination and logical approach to solve a problem. Programming is an art that can be done while sleeping, walking around, staring out of the window, or doing anything when you have ample time to relax and imagine. If you think logically you are a programmer.

"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of Universe, or you want to pursue a career
 in 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn."
-- Stephen Hawking


“A programmer is not a PC repair man.” -Kushagra Sharma

It is totally wrong to even assume that a programmer is a PC repairing man. A programmer  knows the internal working of a computer and to code .They also deal with algorithms and designing principals not  PC. A normal person may know how the internal things in computer and code works but he cannot fix the issue of crashing #Chrome(May be the programmer can tell you why it crashes ).

Sometime people asks me the best photo editing application for android and if I said “I don’t know ” , they starting to say you are not real computer science engineer or like you don’t know anything about computer.


“Programmers are nightgeeks”

Ten hilarious programmers facts that only programmers can understand

Do you ever wonder why programmers are nightgeeks?? Or in simple words why they stay awake all the night?? Its all about tranquility and concentration during the night. For innovative ideas to code more efficiently and with zeal the programmer needs a peaceful and serene environment. It is difficult to code with concentration when around with someone specially when someone is staring. The programmer do not want to be interrupted while coding.  And as night is the best time to code without any interruption because everyone keeps on sleeping. So it’s a great time to code and imagine when nobody can disturb.


“A parent may kill its child”

Ten hilarious programmers facts that only programmers can understand

Oh!!! now you want to check my mental status, don’t you??
No no , it’s not what you are assuming. It is about the programs. Programs are written in hierarchy with the parent(process) managing their child(thread).
In programming when a program no longer need its child task ,they kill it.
For Ex: When main activity of android application(parent) no longer needs to read the database(child),  it is killed.


“As you don’t care about computer world , we don’t care about real world”

Seriously please stop annoying us, just stop it. We don’t care , really we don’t care how proud you are by knowing about politics or economics  or other real world things. We love to live in virtual world or lets say computer world. We really don’t care if you are null in computer science or not impressed when we brag about about computers. Similarly we are not impressed when you brag about bloody politics etc.

And at last Fact#9

“Programming is not easy as it sounds”

Programming is much difficult than it sounds. Programming is not just about writing an even or odd number program, but in real world to build real-time applications and softwares. Sometimes when they say “we are programmers” people start speculating them to be a Game developer etc. Fuck you guys if you are one of them. Game developing is a team process not a joke . It sounds easy but it is very difficult to build even a simplest game.

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  1. I’m a programmer just like you guys seem to be, though I’m 12 and still in junior school. And yes, I totally agree with #9 😀 Sometimes I tell my friends that I’ve been doing programming for over a year or 2 now, so they just think that I must be either bragging, or just really good at it. So they just reply with “Alright, make a game and show me tomorrow.” Although that is a bit inaccurate, since they don’t say “Show me tomorrow”, but hey, it’s probably what they’re thinking. But yes, they do want me to make a game and everything xD

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