OH!! Now whats this ?? Do you still thinks Samsung is Apple’s rival ? After reading this post you will obligate to think that they are partners rather than rivals.

Apple-Samsung chip rumors

Yaa may be these are Apple-Samsung chip rumors but If these rumors are true, it’s a big deal from Apple would be just what it needs to get higher growth back on track. Samsung Electronics Co. will manufacture the main chip in Apple Inc.’s next iPhone model, regaining a customer previously lost to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,people with direct knowledge of the matter said.

iPhone will reportedly include a chip manufactured by its rival Samsung

So now iPhone will reportedly include a chip manufactured by its rival Samsung. Off-course it is a well known that Samsung is Apple’s rival since when it launched it’s Samsung Galaxy S2 . At present Samsung and Apple both have their own value in market. One is famous for Quality SmartPhones with Android O.S while other is for royalty with Quality. Both of the companies uses different O.S in approx same price and same quality but when Samsung started with cheap smartphones like Corbi and champ or champ duos , it makes a grip on smartphones market. Samsung Electronics Co. a korian company become rival of Apple when it launched most populor Samsung Galaxy S2 with quality. It make a new defination of smartphone for smart peoples like -Buisenessmen ,students etc  but still it can’t defeat Royalty of Apple iPhone. Apple never sell cheap products. Apple always believe in quality not it’s price. That’s why Apple is still in the market while Android is much better than Apple’s IOS in terms of functionality , applications and customization .

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“Samsung Electronics and Apple have topped the semiconductor consumption table for four consecutive years and their decisions have considerable technology and pricing implications for the whole semiconductor industry,” said Masatsune Yamaji, principal research analyst at Gartner, in a statement earlier this year.

“However, while Samsung Electronics kept its position as the No. 1 largest customer of semiconductor chip vendors, its growth rate in 2014 was lower than the global semiconductor market’s growth,” Yamaji said. “Firstly because it struggled in the smartphone market, and secondly because it is withdrawing from some parts of the PC market.”

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