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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Reverse String in c++ using sstream

One of  good question can be asked about string is How to Reverse String ?  You can do in many ways but I am going to show you , the...

How to use Array in C++

How to use Array in C++ Arrays are the collection of fixed size , same type of elements in a sequential order. These elements are basically variables of same data...

How to solve LASTDIG problem in SPOJ ?

Last digit problem in SPOJ looks simple but it contains a important concept of Modular exponentiation. If want AC in submission then you have to know about this concept ,to...
if-else decision control


SELECTION STATEMENT: IF-ELSE STATEMENT The if keyword is used to execute the statements/ block of statements . If the condition is true then those statements will be executed else the...

Statements-2(nested if-else and break statements)

Let's continue the statements ......... NESTED IF-ELSE Here under an if statement we can use many more if statements SYNTAX: if(condition )//start of 1st if   {-------------     if (condition )     //start of 2nd...


Now lets continue from where we left off our topic "function ". In this post we are going to discuss about types of functions . TYPES OF FUNCTIONS  Now there are...

Latest tech trends (Internet of Things -IoT , mobile app development , cloud/distributed computing)

  The Internet of Things? The Internet of things, also known as the Internet of objects, refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is emerging...

C-Programming Statements: continue and goto statements

Lets continue with the statements .... Continue statement Continue statement leads to the end of the current iteration and leads to the new iteration. It allows the compiler to reach the...
C Operators

Operators in C /C++ programming & Their Use

An Operator is a  symbol that tells compiler to perform certain mathematical or logical operations. Operators are usually same in all programming language like c/c++ , java , python etc. Built-in...

Function In C/C++ Programming

Functions as the name suggest "to do some task " . Similarly  in c/c++ ,functions are group of some codes that together performs a certain task. Every C/C++ program...

Arrays In C/C++ And Their use

Arrays are the collection of fixed size , same type of elements in a sequential order. These elements are basically variables of same data type . They can be...

How to use long long data type in C?

In order of size, starting with the smallest, the integer types are char, short,int, long and long long. The smaller types have the advantage of taking up less memory,...

How to write c++ comments

What are comments in c++?? Comments are generally those line which will not compile and use for remember the aim/purpose of code. Why to write comments?? Comments written in any programming language...
Dynamic Pointers in c

Pointers and Dynamic memory in C++

Pointers and Dynamic memory in C++   There are two ways that memory gets allocated for data storage: Compile Time (or static) Allocation Memory for named variables is allocated by the compiler Exact size...
Custom Exception In Java

C++ Data type and Variable

In our first program , we saw how to print something . But thats not it , programming doesnt stick only to printing few text !!! Lets take an...
Program to Implement Stacks using structure in C/C++ Programming

Program to Implement Stacks using structures in C/C++ Programming

In previous post Stacks in programming and Basic Exploits : Stack Operations, we explained the functioning of stacks. Later our users ask for its code in C Programming. In...
Basic Linux Exploits : Moving towards exploit

Basic Linux Exploits: Moving towards exploits

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step. If you have read all our previous posts , you are ready to exploits the...

C++Advance (STL) Map

Here I want to clear the concepts of map in short.There are 4 associate containers (binary tree) : set ,multiset ,map and multimap .Applications of map are very important...
Memory management in C Programming

Memory management in C Programming:Computer Memory

Memory management in C is one of the important topic as it's not only about memory management in c but also about Computer Memory Management. In this section you...


Lets continue with the statements ....... SELECTION STATEMENT:SWITCH STATEMENT These are similar to multiple if -else statement but its more easy to understand and it doesnot create any confusion for the...