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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Russia Got Targeted By Rotexy Trojan

Due to the hipe of trojan activity, Kaspersky decided to do a deep analysis of the evolution of popular malware family. And they found one most interesting (Rotexy) trojan...

A new Zero-Day vulnerability in recently patched Flash Player

It seems to be no benefits of fixing the issues in its latest patch that was released by Flash Player yesterday. Adobe is trying its best to make the Flash...

CamScanner: Google store removed the app as it contains malware

Camscanner is scanner application available in google play and app store. Recently, it is found as a front for disseminating malware on gadgets and has been expelled by Google...
Rockstar Games Launcher, GTA

Download the new Rockstar Games Launcher and get GTA: San Andreas free!

Here we go again! Rockstar Games has released its PC launcher just if you don't have an excessive number of on your PC...

New Nintendo accessory can trick you into exercising!

Nintendo showed off a new Switch accessory that will trick you into exercising!  Nintendo released...