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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Basic Linux exploits: Function Calling Procedure

Basic Linux exploits: Function Calling Procedure

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step. Note: Before reading this post you must read : Learn hacking...
Adware,, Android Virus, Android malware

9 Million Google play users infected by Adware (Android Virus)

Adware (Android virus) Adware is a type of malware that automatically shows advertisement, banner or pop up on user's mobile or computer. Adware or we can say these type android...
Malware analysis sandboxing

What is Sandboxing and How it works?

In this article, we will discuss about sandboxing, how it works and list of free sandboxing environment etc. Hybrid analysis, Malware analysis and Threat analysis, they all use the same...
best compiler for c / c++

Basic Linux Exploits:Make your Pc more secure

Basic Linux Exploits:Make your Pc more secure and learn the basics of computer world Why study Exploits? Before learning exploits ,one should know about vulnerability.What does it means in the world...
DemonBot, Botnet

Demonbot is on rising | A New Botnet

As security is getting stronger so hackers are getting more stronger. Once a loophole is closed by Operating systems or any vendors then hackers find out another way to breach...

Find Hidden Device with arp-Scan

Hidden device with arp-scan ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) use to map IP network address to the hardware address. Address Resolution Protocol use a message format contains one ARP request or...
Exploit Shell code using Command-line

Exploit using shell code from command line

After reading our previous post:Exploiting buffer overflows using command line it's time to do Exploit Shell code using Command-line but I think you do want to clear your doubt...
Bacic Exploits : Stack Operations

Basic Exploits : Stack Operations

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step. Stack Operations First and the most important topic to learn the basics of Exploits is...
wannacry ransomware cyber attack

WannaCry ransomware attack: Largest Ransomware Attack In The History

By now, we are sure that you have heard something about wannacry ransomware. There may be a lot of questions in your mind such as What is wannacry ?...

How to make sure a file is safe or threat? | How to do...

Today, we will discuss how to find, a file is safe or a threat for your system? Or we can say, how to do malware and threat analysis? Watch Video on...

An Almost Impossible To Detect Phishing Attack Using Punycode

In our previous article How to secure you account from phishing page, we discussed about how to create and detect whether a page is a phishing page or original...
Crash you friends whatsapp by sending 200 kb message

Crash friends whatsapp by sending 200 kb message

To Download Special characters  Click Here This time again!!! Indian teenagers just do the magic ;) They again find a bug in whatsapp which is recently purchased by facebook in...

Exploit Development Process:Moving towards Real world Hacking

Now that we have covered basics of exploit , you are ready to look at real world examples like metasploit . As you all know - vulnerabilities in real...
Rockstar Games Launcher, GTA

Download the new Rockstar Games Launcher and get GTA: San Andreas free!

Here we go again! Rockstar Games has released its PC launcher just if you don't have an excessive number of on your PC...

A new Zero-Day vulnerability in recently patched Flash Player

It seems to be no benefits of fixing the issues in its latest patch that was released by Flash Player yesterday. Adobe is trying its best to make the Flash...
pentestbox , pentest box

PentestBox: A Portable Penetration Testing Distribution for Windows Environments

Download SourceForge                                              Download Torrent PentestBox is a...
Ten hilarious facts that only programmers can understand

Exploiting buffer overflows using command line

After reading our previous post: Next step moving towards exploit:Finding the return address ,it's time to do some command line exploits. So this post is regarding Exploiting buffer...
Format string exploits

Format string exploits

Format string exploits became public in late 2000. It is easy to find errors in format string in comparison of buffer overflows. Once errors are spotted, they are usually...
Mac Malware: Time to test Mac security

Mac Malware: Time to test Apple’s Security

Last quarter shows an interestingly spike in malware activity that targeted Mac users only. New samples in the 1st 3 months of this year are nearly equal to the...
Android Malware, Android Virus, Timpdoor, Android threat, Android security, Android

SMISHING on Android devices | Android Malware (TimpDoor)

Timpdoor is the recent Android malware that has been discovered by McAfee mobile researcher's team that turns mobile into a backdoor. This Android malware is spreading through smishing attack, and...

Kali Linux Rolling Edition updated with the latest patches

The most popular Kali Linux was released on 2015 at DefCon 23 in Las Vegas. Kali is successor of Backtrack based on Debian Jessie,distribution, includes many popular penetration...
WhatsApp vCard vulnerable

Security Flaw found in WhatsApp : 200 million users are at Risk

Security Flaw found in WhatsApp: 200 million users are at Risk     You will be shocked to know that about 200 million users of the world’s most famous instant messaging service...

New Nintendo accessory can trick you into exercising!

Nintendo showed off a new Switch accessory that will trick you into exercising!  Nintendo released...
Sound-Fix in Kali

Important things to do after installing Kali Linux

There are small set of important softwares that are required after installation of Kali Linux. Linux operating system is not too much user friendly but it is highly flexible...
Vulnerability in PayPal user authentication system

Vulnerability in PayPal user authentication system

It's always a matter of attraction when money is in the frame of attack. So It's time to get into the users PayPal account.. Paypal provides online / ebay...
Rotexy Malware Trojan, Rotexy, Android Malware, Android Virus, Android Threats, Security, Hacking, Android

Russia Got Targeted By Rotexy Trojan

Due to the hipe of trojan activity, Kaspersky decided to do a deep analysis of the evolution of popular malware family. And they found one most interesting (Rotexy) trojan...