Last week WikiLeaks started publishing the documents from the CIA Director’s hacked email revealing some top secrets. A set of document of released by WikiLeaks says that Pakistan uses militants as proxies to counter the influence of India in Afghanistan.

Brennan wrote to President Obama after the three days he was elected as president in a position-cum-strategy paper that Pakistan uses Taliban to counter the India’s influence in Afghanistan.

The document says “Pakistan’s desire to counter India’s growing influence in Afghanistan and concerns about US long-term commitments to Afghanistan increase Pakistan’s interest in hedging its bets by ensuring that it will be able to have a working relationship with the Taliban to balance Indian and Iranian interests if the US withdraws,”

Brennan was initially opted to be the top counter terrorism adviser of President Obama by himself, later president nominated him as the director of CIA.

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The 13 page executive summary of key findings and recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan disclosed Brennan’s views on Pakistan.

His document discloses the secret that Pakistan is hesitant about the anti-Taliban mission in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), it is the clear evidence that Pakistan supports Taliban and militant groups.

Brennan Wrote “While the US Intelligence Community differs on the extent of the relationships, at least some elements of Pakistan’s military and intelligence services appear to be ambivalent about the anti-Taliban and anti-militant mission in the FATA, in part due to their history of close ties to the Taliban in Afghanistan’s conflict with the Soviet Union and Pakistan’s use of militant proxies in its conflict with India,”

He wrote in his findings on page #2 “Coalition forces have won every major battle with the Afghan insurgents, but these tactical successes have not resulted in a strategic victory, largely because insurgents are free to retreat and regroup in sanctuaries across the AF-PK border in the Pashtun tribal belt of Pakistan.  Pakistan‘s FATA and eastern Afghanistan blend together in many areas.”

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