Whatsapp messages is also added in Quick Reply in iOS 9.1

iOS 8 was came with a feature i.e QUICK REPLY. This feature grant direct respond to message from notification without opening the app.Apple’s own Messaging application contain this feature only.Quick Reply is now used in third party application like Skype and Facebook Messenger with iOS 9.
Finally Whatsapp is also in this list of third party app.iOS 9.1 user having facebook owned messaging app,only they can enjoy the feature of quick reply on facebook messenger.Apple’s latest mobile OS just started rolling out toward the end of last week.A preset reply can to used to reply a whatsapp message or message can also impose to the watch for Apple Watch usuers running watch OS 2.0.1.


Apple iphone 6s and Apple iphone 6s plus users will be happy for the latest update of iphone version of app that contain 3D touch.New iphone model contain a feature that will grant a device to differentiate between a soft,regular and hard touch.Acc to Apple soft touch will grant an user to peek the content and hard touch will pop an user into the page.

iOS 9.1 also come with more than 150 emojis leaving the Quick Reply feature and also enhance live photos by ignoring the camera from recording during raising and lowering an iphone.