The year has been bad so far for CIA and other US agencies, now this time ISIS hackers hacked 54,000 twitter accounts which also include the accounts of FBI and CIA members.
According to the report the hack is the revenge of US drone Strike that killed British ISIS fanatical in August. A hacking group named Cyber Caliphate was initiated by the British ISIS member Junaid Hussain, who counselled its supporters to hack the twitter accounts for the revenge of the death of Hussain.
And finally ISIS hackers hacked 54,000 twitter accounts, reportedly most of the victims are residing in Saudi Arabia or in Britain. The most horrifying part of the hack is that the extremists are using the hacked twitter accounts to publish the personal information such as Phone numbers, passwords, etc. of the heads of CIA, FBI and NSA.

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The tweet: We are back

Hussain was a British hacker, who gained the fame in ISIS as a top cyber expert. He was also the mastermind of ISIS online war before the US drone killed him in August.
The Cyber Caliphate took the control of twitter and YouTube accounts of US military’s Central command in January. Later, after the death of Hussain, it again reappeared on Twitter on last Sunday. Saying “WE ARE BACK” in its tweet.
Before the account was suspended by Twitter, @cyber_caliph tweeted a link to a database that contains the hacked Twitter accounts with passwords. The data has not been verified yet.

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