Clash of Clan: GoHoWi(Golum+Hogs+Wiz) video

In clash of clan, GoHoWi is one of the best attack by which one can get 3 star on TH9 . But you just can’t use GoHoWi on any base. To use this attack we need to check few things on opponent base as listed below:-

  1. Clan Castle troops
  2. Archer queen
  3. Giant Bombs

Scouting the base for GoHoWi

Scout the base and check for the cc(clan castle) troops, can we lure out somehow? If we can’t than I will suggest not to use GoHoWi on that base because cc troops will kill all the hogs in just few seconds while we can use the golem to lure out cc troops but some time it won’t work when queen and cc are in opposite side.

Now for the archer queen in opponent base, queen should not be in the middle of the base because if we will fail to defeat the archer queen than most probably this attack will fail.

Check the free space in the base during scouting, if you are seeing lots of free space or 6 tile free space at many places in the base that means there could be chances of two giant bombs together at a point  and double giant bomb will kill all your hogs. You can handle this by using surgical hog deployment but you should be trained for this (will discuss it in another post).

Troop’s combination:-

  1. One Golem in cc(level 3 and above) and poison spell
  2. Wizards 10-12 (level 5 )
  3. Wall breakers 6
  4. Hog 30-32
  5. Spells 4 healing 1 poison or 3 healing 1 rage 1 poison

You can change the combination by replacing some wizards from hogs or some hogs from wiz as per condition.


1st check out the base using scout option and prepare your army as discussed above. Also check from which side you can lure out cc troops easily by deploying one hog or 2 hogs and when you get that, let’s attack to get 3 star.

Deploy 1 or 2 hogs in the cc range so cc troops come out from the castle, use the poison spell to kill the cc troops. Remember 1 level2 and 1 level1 poison spell can kill level4 dragon. Use the spells wisely 1st drop one poison spell on the cc troops and wait until the yellow circle goes disappear than drop another poison, if you will drop both the spell at the same time on dragon then only the effect of one spell will damage some health of dragon while other spell will be waste.

If you are not able to kill the cc using poison then I will suggest you to stay calm we have one another chance to kill. Deploy you golem in the range of Archer Queen, which means queen should be busy to kill the golem. Now deploy wall breakers one by one so golem can enter inside the base . Now when most of the defense with Archer Queen will get busy to kill golem, then deploy 4-5 wizards to clear out mines and other building and deploy your heroes and rest of wizards in a way such that they can follow golem and go inside. Boost your heroes and they will kill queen and other few defensive building. Now start deploying hogs from the same side by spreading them so if there any giant bomb one hog will trigger that and other will be safe.

After the deployment of hogs just focus on spell, use all the spell to save hogs if hogs will survive than 3 star is yours. If a single spell will waste, most of the chances are to lose the attack. It simply means 3 stars are more likely depends on hogs and spell timing. Use your spells when health of your hogs will start decreasing to red from green. The position of spells should be on next target of hogs(Remember: Fav target of hogs is defense).

Few attackers deploy hogs from opposite side of golem, wizards, heroes but I prefer it from the same side because when we use healing spell on hogs then there are chances to get our heroes heal.

Always remember GoHoWi is either 3 star or 0-1 star, sometime when all the hogs die and our heroes reach to the town hall then there is chance to get 2 star.

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