Now a days GOVAWI( Golum Valkyrie Wizards) attack strategy becomes one of the major attack strategy to 3 star on max th9. From the recent update for game balancing supercell increases Valkyries strength. From new update Valkyries have health + speed damage   and that is why most of the clashers use GoVaWi as major attack to 3 star on max th9 .

GoVaWi Attack strategy

GoVaWi attack strategy is somehow similar to gowipe attack.


Army Combination:

Total Army 220

  • 1 Golum + 1 Golum in CC
  • 2 Healing + 1 Rage + 3 Earthquake + 1 Earthquake spell in CC
  • 12 Wiz + 4 Wall Breaker + 16 Valkyrie + 1 Hog + 1 Archer/Barb


How to kill opponent cc and create funnel for rest of the army

As you can see in video first we inspect the opponent base for an idea of cc. In the starting of attack we use a hog for cc, so that opponent cc come out. We use some of our wizards to clear outside buildings to create funnel. After deployment of wizards deploy your golum to distract opponent cc and then deploy rest of the wizards to kill the opponent cc.

Valkyries deployment

After the cc, Valkyries deployment is one of the major part of attack. Use your wall breakers to break the outer walls and use all four earthquake spells to open the inner walls. Now when you are sure that you make proper funnel for Valks and they will go inside then deploy all of your Valkyries.

Deployment of King And Archer Queen

You can deploy your Archer Queen either with wizards while use to kill the CC or with King. King should be deploy either just before or just after the Valks, while just before is the better solution. Just make sure the King and Golum should move with Valks to give security cover such that all the defense use to attack on Golum and King while Valks will clear all the buildings. Use your spells wisely for successful attack.

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