Queen charge with Miners is not a new strategy, that you are going to know now. But you have seen many time that queen walk with miners failed to get three stars, it is because of the current state of inferno and eagle artillery at TH11 and TH12 or sometimes because of base design and troops deployment.

We have slightly modified this attack’s troop combination and attacking strategy so it can work on any type of base. Yes, you read it right, it will work on any type of base but you have to deploy Queen and electro wisely to take charge. In our strategy electro is going to help Queen to create a funnel. Now the question is: How we can get 3 star from Queen charge with Miners? will discuss this after giving details of troop combination.

This attack is much popular and seems overpowered that’s why now these days this attack is much used in higher leagues for trophy pushing. As well as War players use this strategy in wars, to get 3 stars on their opponent.

Army Combination:

Total Army 280

  • 7-8 Giants + 1 Rage Spell in CC with wall wrecker (Ground siege machine)
  • 3 Heal + 1 Rage + 2 freeze + 1 poison (in your spell factory)
  • 1 Electro dragon + 1 Baby dragon + 4 Balloon + 5 Healer +25 Miner

Queen Charge with Miners | Video:

Attack strategy:

First thing, an experienced attacker does, is scouting the opponent base until he finds a suitable entry for his troops. Scouting is too important to get three stars on a base, without scouting you can three stars with a luck only.

How to kill opponent cc and create the funnel for rest of the army

Well in this attack you do not need to much worry about cc troops because Queen will handle it very well. In case Queen is down then use freeze spell with poison spell to kill cc troops. Because if opponent cc troops are not killed then you can’t get 3 star without having 100% good luck.

Queen deployment:

You have to plan Queen landing during opponent base scouting phase. And find a corner from where from where opponent’s clan castle and eagle artillery are near. And plan to deploy your Queen from that side only followed by all five healers.

But, make sure you are not deploying Queen just in-front of single-mode inferno. Because single mode inferno is insane, it will kill your Queen before you realize or use her ability or dop rage spell on healers to heal fast. So avoid Queen’s landing in front of single-mode inferno.

In case, single mode inferno comes first then clan castle or eagle artillery then deploy Queen on another corner of the same side. Because once castle troops are out then Queen will reach soon by following rest troops to kill castle troops.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you deploy Queen in between of first and second building of that side from which side you are planning to deploy rest of troops (do not deploy Queen, in the exact corner).

Every time, Queen will not move as per expected so how are you gonna make that?

The answer is practice. Use baby dragon with Queen, to move queen in your expected direction.

Electro Dragon & Baby Dragon:

Now, deploy Electro dragon at second building of another corner of same side, side from where you are planning to deploy your troops. He will most probably cover that single mode inferno that you are afraid of deploying Queen in that side.

Now, deploy Baby dragon at opposite side of Electro dragon, a side that is along with Queen’s attacking area. If you think you deploy your baby dragon and he will die in the cleaning of his first building, no problem let him die he did his job. We are using him to break the link of the building so Queen stays in her side.

Here, we are creating funnel from two ends of the same side. Queen will clean up building from one corner of that side and the baby dragon will clean up along sides buildings so Queen will move towards Electro dragon. We want Queen on this side because we have not yet killed clan castle troops.

Deployment of King, Grand Warden, and Miners:

Now, wait till you see that both corner’s buildings are cleaned by Queen and Electro. If not, use 2-3 miners to clean remaining buildings. So, once the corner is clean and Queen moving towards the center of the side then deploy wall wrecker in between of that side followed by King and Grand Warden.

Now deploy all the miners just after deployment of king and grand warden. But keep in mind, you have to deploy miners in spreading way so they cover all the remaining buidings and move forward to next building towards the core of the base, instead of gathering together on one building.

The Timing of Spell and balloon usages:

Now keep patience, that is an important key to success in all attacks. Use healing spell on miners, when they are in the range of wizard tower or bomb towers. Use Freeze spell on inferno towers once they started on your Queen/King or if Clan castle troops are still there.  Once miners reach in the core of the base, where inferno tower and eagle artillery mainly exists then first use Grand warden’s ability followed by rage spell on miners and then drop healing spell just one building ahead of miners. So, here we are dropping healing spell on buildings because miners will clean their current target so fast due to rage spell, and we want them to stay in healing spell as long they can. If you see Miners are already with low health then don’t take risk use healing spell on miners, just try to keep them on the edge of healing spell area so they can be heal for longer time.

While you are busy with troop and spells, don’t forget that you have balloon too in your army. Use balloon on ground defense that is very near to reach, targeting miners and away from air defense. If required use on archer towers too when they start targeting miners. The balloon will help to keep miners safe from the ground defense. But please never ever target inferno or any building that is in the core of base, here you will be expecting too much from four balloons.

One more thing that is more important with this strategy is practice and confidence. The more practice you will do, more confident you will be with this attack.

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