For how long we use a smartphone? Hardly one year . Every year we want a new smartphone just because we need to be updated with the latest technologies. Smartphone companies are launching a new smartphone in the market every month. And we are simply buying them and throwing the old phone away.  But we never think about the materials used in making a smartphone. Is not it a kind of addiction? Smartphone Addiction ?

Material used in smartphones

Smartphone is made of precious minerals available on earth. No of metals and minerals are used to make a smartphone, right from graphite in the battery to the silicon in the processor our smartphone consists of no of metals.

But before using these metals in smartphones, these are to be extracted from the earth.

Environment consequences

Mining has a very serious environmental consequences. As our need of new mobiles increases we are effecting our earth resources. And the bad thing about these resources is that, they are finite. We are just extracting them for our greed without thinking of the consequences.

About 62 metals are used to make a smartphone

About 62 metals are used to make a smartphone, out of them 16 are rare. A smartphone consists of 40% of metals, 40% of plastic and 20% of ceramics and other materials. Neodymium, terbium and dysprosium are three rare metals used in a smartphone. These three metals give our smartphone the capability to vibrate.

Also there are no of harmful and toxic materials are used in smartphone. Highly toxic n-hexane is used in manufacturing to clean glass. These toxic materials effects the health of the workers and then the users of the smartphone.

We are living in the radioactive age because of Smartphone Addiction

Actually now we are living in the radioactive age. Although we are not living in the place like Hiroshima but still we are surrounded by the things which are radioactive in nature. High tech parts are made up of  PVC, bromine, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, tin, cadmium etc. Also the mining of these metals are very hazardous for the miners working in the mines. Hundered of workers working the mines looses their lives because of serious injuries caused by the toxicity of these metals.

So, the mining process is effecting the Earth as well as the health of the miners who are extracting those metals for the smartphones so that you can text your friend on what’s app.

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