In this modern era full of new technologies, Microsoft launches a new searching technology Cortana for Windows 10.

Earlier searching was not that important, as the data was limited , but now in the race of development new apps and new technologies are invented every day and people like to store more and more data on their computer. A simple every day user of the computer have lots of data on his computer in many forms i.e music, videos, files, applications etc.  And finding a particular file among millions of files is like finding a needle in the sea.

How Cortana helps Microsoft?

cortana windows 10

Microsoft is trying from too long to make the search of the data easier, Microsoft has its own search engine Bing which helps the user to find the websites easily. And now in its latest version of windows, windows 10 launches a new search utility CORTANA. Cortana is a digital personal assistant, it understands the human languages ( Which is also known as NLP i.e., Natural Language Processing),  It also accepts voice and commands given to it. Cortana is inspired by the virtual helper of Microsoft’s Halo Games.

Cortana is added to the Windows 10 i.e., Cortana Windows 10; by default you’ll find a search box in the left bottom of the screen . Be sure you have a mic plugged in, because Cortana works with the mic. When you speak something into it it’ll automatically search the file or website ( It is the Part of Artificial intelligence) .

Cortana For Windows 10

cortana windows 10

From now onwards Cortana will be available in every device which runs on the windows 10   operating system. Cortana is also available for Windows Phones that will make the phone experience better.

Makes your life easier

Cortana can also remember anything. If you ask Cortana to remember something, it’ll give you a reminder when to go at particular place or have a contact with a particular person. Cortana also helps you to plan your day and weekend or any other event. Cortana collects the information about you and works according to that information. It is a true personal assistant which knows everything about you like your interests, the people you contact, the music you listen the most, everything.


Microsoft started work on cortana windows 10 in April of 2012 thinking about the future of search in mobile phones. Later Microsoft realised that this capability should be available for every device right from keyboard, mouse to touch. The best thing about Cortana is that it is not a personal assistant for everybody, it is a personal assistant for you only!

Cortana will soon be available for ios, android and Xbox. This will take the searching experience to the new heights and it’ll also enhance the capability of the devices.

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