Facebook is a most popular social networking site, which is now taking one step forward toward free Internet access. According to the recent UN report,57 percent of the world’s population still less sincere towards internet connectivity-including 90 percent of those living in the world’s poorest countries, there is no doubt that internet penetration has increased fiercely across Africa but accessing it remain uneven and expensive. Facebook and French company satellite EUTELSATE unitedly will launch a satellite which will provide Internet access to people in sub-Saharan Africa.


The satellite is known as Amos-6.Launching of this $500 million satellite will be in year 2016 and utility of this satellite will be from second half of 2016.It will cover 14 countries in East, West and South Africa.

“Internet.org’s network infrastructure already includes drones and a laser communication system that are now undergoing lab tests, but this is its first project to provide Internet access from space, said Facebook’s chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg in a post.”

This project comes under Internet.org project.Internet.org is exploring different ways to provide internet access in hard-to-reach areas.Internet.org has been also criticized for net neutrality issue esp in INDIA, where biz think that this plan could give Facebook and its ally one sided perk in developing Internet market.

Facebook and Eutelsate combinely will endeavor with Spaceman to take advantage of its full broadband payload on the Amos-6 satellite. Along with entry and lethal on the ground Amos-6 will give high gain spot beam of data that will large area.Amos-6 satellite is to be sent in the sky using Elon Musk SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

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