get into friends whatsapp

I don’t know that how to Express this success !!! Everybody knows that hacking is just a creativity and finding the way to get deeper into the code. So here I will share you the way to get into friends whatsapp account from a simple php script code and send messages from it. In short to hack someones whatsapp account, and he even can’t stop it, the only way to stop it is nothing :D.

Steps to get into friends whatsapp


  1. Install WAMP Server from here WAMP
  2. Download WART Application Zip File from here WART
  3. Whatsapp API from here Whatsapp Api

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Steps to hack into friends whatsapp

  1. Extract and Open WART- as shown in below image
    get into friends whatsapp
  2. Enter your phone number including your country code(91 for India).
    Warning: Don’t put any special character for country code for ex : Don’t write +91 (use 91 instead).
  3. Click on request code( A code will be sent to the victims mobile)
    Warning: make sure you have access of your friends mobile at that time .
  4. Enter the code and click on confirm code.
  5. You will get a password (On your desktop)
    Note that password from whatsapp (Eh! now you get access to your friends whatsapp , just see the magic)
  6. Open the notepad.
  7. Copy paste  the below code in notepad
    < ?php require_once './src/whatsprot.class.php'; 
    $attacker = "919xxxxxxxxx";
    $password = "Your password"; 
    $w = new WhatsProt($attacker, 0, "Message", true);  $w->connect();
    $target = '91xxxxxxxxxx'; 
    $message = 'Hello Friend !! your friend's whatsapp is hacked by one of his/her friend from';
    $w->SendPresenceSubscription($target); //Let us first send presence to user
    $w->sendMessage($target,$message ); // Send Message
    echo "Message Sent Successfully";
  8. change $attacker =”to friends phone number with country code without + sign”.
  9. change $password=” Password you got”
  10. $target= ‘ On which you want to send this message
  11. Save it as buffercode.php
  12. Now put(copy) this file into(paste) c://wamp/www/(www directory of wamp server ).
  13. Extract and copy it’s src folder .
  14. Paste it into the same directory where buffercode.php exists in wamp(c://wamp/www)
  15. Now run wamp server from programs.
  16. Open localhost://buffercode.php your browser
  17. All is Done !!!! Enjoy it, share it and register with us to get more hacking related tricks ,learn hacking and programming skills.

It’s credit goes to Max Kovalijob

Note:This tutorial is only for educational purpose , we are not responsible if you miss use it .