halfbeak :  HTc’s first watch :-The Taiwanese companies, Htc is famous for its  smartphones like the HTC One M9 so when it announced as an Android Wear partner at the launch of the wearable operating system it created an atmosphere of excitement in everyone!!

The rumors from inside says that  hTc is working on smartwatch  which is seemed to be named as ‘halfbeak’ and will be equipped with a round display of resolution of 360 x 360.

The information seems to be accurate because the news was reported by  Phandroid website.

After showcasing its HTc grip in earlier days of this year, the company seems to be interested in wearable technology. Despite of the fact that there is lack of Android wear devices.

Now talking about Grip, it is basically a sports band and watch. It has got a rectangular screen and does not run Android Wear., so this cannot be grip..We are still waiting for a proper launch of grip and an announcement about half beak.

HTc’s first watch codenamed halfbeak

The name proposed for device, “ codebeak” literally means  a type of fish, somewhat similar to the concept of keeping names over absurd things. like of other companies such as Motorola is working on Android wear named as  ‘smelt’, while the Sony Smartwatch 3 kept the codename ‘tetra’.

On one hand Htc is famous for designing beautiful phones, it will be a matter of curiousness what it can do in the field of Android wears!!

HTc has announced an event on 29 Sept, what company will showcast has not been revealed yet but we can hope for the Android watch getting its way!! The news is a bit sad for Goggle team because they are also organizing an event on same day probably to launch the Nexus 5 (2015) and Nexus 6 (2015).

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