On the 9th of September, Apple unveiled a number of new devices at the big Apple event held in San Francisco. Now, in such events we generally get to see the usual and expected ‘S’ versions of their previous phones. But in this year’s event, Apple launched another version of their formerly successful device known as the iPad.

Not a lot of people in the tech industry were expecting the launch of another iPad at this event, but anyway, no one was disappointed so to say.


iPad Pro First Impressions: Starting off with the basics

iPad Pro First Impressions : Starting off with the basics, probably the first thing you’ll notice about the device, is that it’s huge, 12.9 inches to be more accurate, which makes it the biggest tablet to purchase in the market right now, this is probably where the name iPad Pro comes from.
The display is big and beautiful, with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 (btw which is more than quad HD).

And with that big device body, Apple gets room for many different enhancements.
Now the tablet is packing 4 speakers, one on each side, to deliver great audio experience with all kinds of media, be it games or movies.
And this time with all that space, you also get a bigger battery. So we are looking at a 10 hour long battery life according to Apple.

And since this is their newest iPad, we also get the top of the line specs.

  • A 12.9 inch display, with a resolution of 2732 x 2048.
  • The A9X 64 bit chip.
  • An 8 megapixels Apple iSight camera.

All other specs like RAM and graphics chip haven’t officially been announced by Apple yet.

Besides the launch of the actual tablet, there were many accessories for it which followed along with it.
The device will feature an all new ‘Smart Connector’, which will be used to connect first party accessories to the tablet, Apple is kicking off this process with their ‘Smart Keyboard’, which folds and doubles as a case for the tablet as well. We will definitely be seeing a lot more accessories using this new connector in the near future.

Image: The Smart Connector

iPad Pro First Impressions

iPad Pro First Impressions
Then there is the Apple Pencil, now this is where things started to fall apart a bit. According to me, it is simply a stylus which for some reason Apple is trying to sell for a hundred US Dollars. Now, the Pencil is a bit more functional than your traditional styluses, as it can be used with Apple’s new 3D touch technology to be pressure sensitive and tilt sensitive, which can help designers to use different styles of brush strokes when using the paint app for example.

iPad Pro First Impressions


But still 99$ for a stylus are a bit too steep.
Also the Pencil has a battery of its own, so it needs to be recharged after a certain amount of time. And Apple suggests that it should be recharged by connecting it to the power input socket in the iPad Pro, which to be honest looks like a very easy way to break it.

iPad Pro First Impressions
Overall, I still have mixed feelings about what this tablet does for Apple, as it is not very handy with that huge body, it is not a very big upgrade (specs wise) from the earlier iPad, and it is in no way a cheap device (coming in at 800$), then is this really a worthy successor in the lineup of iPad devices? I will let you decide that.

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