Security Flaw found in WhatsApp: 200 million users are at Risk


Security Flaw found in WhatsApp


You will be shocked to know that about 200 million users of the world’s most famous instant messaging service are at risk. Yes, about 200 million what’s app users are at security risk.

Few days back WhatsApp claimed to have hit over 900 million monthly active users! The web extension of what’s app puts many users at risk, the web version of WhatsApp is vulnerable to an exploit that could allow the hackers to convince the users to install the malware in their system in a new classy way.

WhatsApp launched its web version for iPhone users last month. WhatsApp web is current method to practice the mobile app in browser. It allows you to view all of your conversations, to see images, videos, audios you share with your friends and save them directly at your desktop.

A Security Flaw found in WhatsApp was discovered by security researcher Kasif Dekel in the web version of WhatsApp which allows hackers to share your machine by some malwares. Some of them are RATs (Remote Access Tools) which gives the hackers a remote access to your PC. The web version is also effected by Ransomware ( forces victim to pay a ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their system), bots and other malicious software.


 Security Flaw found in WhatsApp: How the Hack Works?

To exploit the vulnerability attacker needs to send a seemingly innocent vcard having the malicious code to the user. It is very easy to send .BAT file as legit vCard. This vCard looks like any other message but the WhatsApp user is unknown about the risk that it will trigger the malicious code when clicked.

After sending the vCard all an attacker need to do is wait the victim to open the message. As soon as the message is opened the executable malicious code in the vCard will run.

Security Flaw found in WhatsApp: What this Malicious Code can do

There are possibilities that the code after running will take the complete control over the target machine. But it will definitely monitor the user’s activities and use the target machine to spread virus.

The security team of WhatsApp has recognized the flaw and rolled out an update to fix the issue. So, you are advised to use the updated version of WhatsApp because every version before v0.1.4481. is vulnerable to the exploit.

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