Wonderful Maid Oven:

wonderful maid oven

Now home appliances have got internet connection.  But which is device? It is a wonderful maid oven. Microwave just heats your food. But new maid oven has multiple innovative features.

Features of wonderful maid oven:

recipe store available:
if you are not expert in cooking. Or you do not know more recipes. Do not worry. Wonderful maid oven is helpful to provide recipes. It provides recipe store. What is recipe store? Recipe store name shows that it provides recipes of foods. What type of recipes? Experts and fonder of cooking upload the recipes from all over the world. It is accessible through internet. It allows you to upload your recipe on recipe store. Recipe store not only provides microwave recipes but also recipes for other devices like grills etc.

Step by step procedure to cook food and ingredients detail:

If you feel easy with demo of recipe, then be happy. Wonderful maid oven gives you a complete demo of recipe of food that you searched from recipe store. It allows you to search recipe based on ingredients or type of dish.

Duration and heat is adjustable itself:

Duration and heat setting is automatic. It also allows you to set duration and heat.

You can control this wonderful maid oven through touch, gestures and voice. English commands are understandable by it yet.

Mobile application for wonderful maid oven:

Like it, its mobile app is also wonderful. It keeps records of your daily activity. It gets your record through maid app. It also suggests a good diet. It is a best dietician for you.  This feature is still under process. Receiving notification of ready food and remote control of oven are extra features of maid app.

Ability to improve recipe you like:

When you make dishes in oven it keeps records of your taste and ingredients. Recipes that may be taken from recipe store have taste against your taste. As wonderful maid oven has record of your taste and ingredients.  So it itself adjusts taste of dish according to your taste.

This project has started from 2012. This device may be available in 2015 at your home.

To see more visit: http://maidoven.com/features/