Improvements in iOS9

Apple had made many improvements in its new iOS 9 as to provide the users a better experience and performance. Here are some enhancement made by Apple in iOS 9:

Apple iOS9: NOTES

iOS9 IPhone 6s


You can now make checklists of to-dos easily, you can also add photos or web links to the notes. It also provides you the facility to draw sketches on the Note with your fingers. The updated iCloud will make the changes across your device as well as on

Apple iOS9: MAPS

iOS9 maps

A new feature added to the Maps is Transport view, you can now use public transport with Maps as your guide. For selected cities it shows the route, line and stations for the metro, busses on the Map. You can also ask Siri for the Public Transport. Maps is also the feature of OS X so that you can plan your trip on pc and follow the route on iPhone when you are on the way.

iOS9 ICloud Drive


Apple added an all new iCloud app on the home screen of the iPhone it will allow the users to access any file on the iCloud drive right from the home screen. Users can also search for the images and other files within the app and organise them by date, name or by tags.

Apple iOS9: Mail

iOS9 mail


The updated mail app on the iOS 9 will allow the users to add drawings and comments on the attached images. You can also add an attachment through iCloud Drive. Apple also introduced an all new search option in the Mail app. You can now search for the mails you are looking for. This search is based on the Subject, Sender, and Recipient of the mail.

Apple iOS9: Longer Battery Life

iOS9 Longer Battery Life


The battery life is always been an issue for a smartphone. IPhone already has ambient light and proximity sensors which helps the iPhone to save power along with that Apple is trying to offer a longer battery life. In iOS 9 you can enable Low Power mode which lets you increase your battery life. This app makes the efficient use of CPU and GPU and provides you longer battery life than ever.

Apple iOS9: Multi-Tasking

iOS9 Multitasking


You can now open the second app without leaving the first one. For example if you are reading something important on the web and you received a new message, you can open the message without leaving the browser and reply to the message and swipe the message app away and get back to your reading.

The other exciting feature is Split View, you can open two apps side by side and remain active on both at the same time. Also with the new picture in picture option, press the Home button and your video will scale down to the bottom-corner and now you can open another app and your video will remain playing in the corner.


Apple iOS9: Improved Security

iOS9 Security


Apple is aiming to provide more security for their users, keeping your device with Apple ID secure is an attempt of apple to protect the personal information of the users. Also this new OS allows to have a 6 digit pin code to unlock your iPhone which increases the security to 10 times than before.

Apple iOS9: The Smaller Update


iOS9 update

The best thing about the update is that this update is very light, it only requires 1.3 GB free space. It is a very less memory if we compare it with the update of iOS 8 which required 4.58 GB for the update.

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