iOS Malware- YiSpecter

iphone 6s Malware

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto has recently discovered a new Malware in Apple named YiSpecter .I don’t know what’s wrong is going on with Apple as this is another serious Malware attack in less than a month.

This new Malware “YiSpectre” is the First iOS malware that attacks both the Non-jailbroken and Jailbroken divices.Moreover this Malware abuses the private APIs of the iOS.This malware is mainly affecting the users of China and Taiwan,and is spread via hacking of traffic from ISPs(INternet sercice provider), an SNS worm which are spred through removable drives on Windows, and offline app installation and community promotion.

Once this malware infects iOS device can install unwanted application in the phone , replaces legitimate apps with the ones it has downloaded , it even send users information back to its  server and changes the bookmarks as well as default search engine in the browser ‘Safari’.

YiSpecter can force apps to display unwanted,full-screen ads and automatically reappers even after a user manually delete it from the iOS device.

So now see what measures Apple can take to make it stand on the safe side and more secured.

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