Friends in our previous post How to surf internet Anonymously we tell you why to surf internet anonymously and number of ways to do that. Our aim is to make you conscious about your security and  privacy .

Encryption and Decryption still the best way to send secure message

As we tell in our previous post Encryption and decryption is the best way for secure messaging. So first of all there is a question that what is the meaning  if Encryption and Decryption ?? Lets see below

Encryption and Decryption

Encryption :

Encryption is simply define as the process of encoding any kind of information in any format .

It is not a antivirus or any thing else ,it’s just a process . If you want to send an important information to somebody and off-course you don’t want that any one can see/stole that information/message ,you should encrypt that message.

How to encrypt the information??

It’s another nice question that how we can encrypt/encode the information?

As we say in the above paragraph that encryption is just a process in which we encode the information(make a different code for each word )


Let A= Pb ,B=Qc ,C=Rd… and so on

 encryption and decryption
encryption and decryption
 Buffer = QcJvUgUgTfGS

Now , if we send this code to a normal person who don’t know what we let above , he will confuse.

There are so many algorithms available. So You can make your own computer programme for it. If you want to learn it just request from our programmers in their programming posts 😉

Decryption :

Decryption simply means decoding the information which is in coded form. For this we make a password and write a code

if passw==true:

You may be surprised to know that Android Jelly Bean comes with Encryption Support.It is very useful because if your android phone theft by anyone and it is encrypted nobody can use the data of your phone .

There are too many built in applications which provide these services, in next post i will tell you about those applications and then continue with previous post .

You must view send encrypted message using Application .

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