NETGEAR Router Exploit

Do you use NETGEAR Router, then have a look at it.

NETGEAR Routers are once again vulnerable to the DNS Monitoring. A security researcher discovered that there is a serious vulnerability in the NETGEAR Routers that has been publicly exploited by the hackers.

This critical flaw is allowing the hackers to change the Domain Name System (DNS) settings of the target’s router to the malicious IP.

The vulnerability is discovered by a security researcher named Joe Giron, he told to BBC that he found some activities in his system and on further investigation he concluded that the admin settings of his personal router have been modified on 28 September.

He also found that DNS of his router is changed to some suspicious IP address, which is sending his web browsing information to the malicious Internet address.

Giron said “Normally I set mine to Google’s [IP address], and it was not that, it was something else, For two or three days all my DNS traffic was being sent over to them.”

After the confirmation of the flaw he contacted NETGEAR to report about the serious flaw in their product which is affecting about 5000 people.

Is it an Acute Bug?

Jonathan Wu the senior director of product management at NETGEAR considered it as a serious security flaw.

This vulnerability allows the hackers to access the router without any username and password.

“Whenever anybody gets access to your router, they can alter settings to direct traffic to places you don’t want it to go to.” Mr Wu said.

In the case of Mr Giron, the access was gained remotely because his router settings was configured in way that it can be accessed by the outside network.

About the patch.

The patch of the bug is not yet available, but the company promises to release the patch till 14 October.

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