Now use Facebook anonymously:

use Facebook anonymously4

Facebook is a most popular social network in world. Here is good news for Facebook lovers, who want to keep secret their identity on internet. Identity includes your IP address, your physical location with website and your ISP server information. What good news for Facebook lovers? Good news is to use Facebook anonymously.

What means to use Facebook anonymously?

It means, that if you are using tor browser you can use Facebook on it now safely. Tor browser hides your traffic on internet. It protects you from traffic analysis.

“Tor challenges some assumptions of Facebook’s security mechanisms – for example its design means that from the perspective of our systems a person who appears to be connecting from Australia at one moment may the next appear to be in Sweden or Canada.” said Alec Muffett Software Engineer for Security Infrastructure at Facebook London. “ In other contexts such behaviour might suggest that a hacked account is being accessed through a “botnet”, but for Tor this is normal.” On blog post.

When Facebook announced to use Facebook on Tor browser?

Facebook already has HTTPS connection. It means it establishes secure connection between client browser and webserver. But on 31 October, Facebook introduced a new method to use this network more securely on Tor browser. Now Facebook lovers can use Facebook anonymously.

Have tor users used Facebook on tor browser before?

Tor users face difficulty to use Facebook anonymously on tor browser. Tor users used to say that Facebook tracks tor traffic as botnet. Due to security reasons, facebook authenticates the user information and creates problem in accessing facebook. But now facebook lovers use Facebook on tor browser like normal.

What is Tor browser?

It connects you with tor network. Tor network hides your identity. It helps you to save from hackers, government agencies, spies and other people who tracking your internet traffic. It is used in those countries where some websites blocked like china, Iran and Pakistan etc.

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How to use Facebook anonymously on Tor browser:

A new link https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/  is used to access Facebook on tor browser. Don’t forget, this link will be only for Tor browser. This link establishes a direct connection between your browser and ‘Facebook Core WWW Infrastructure’.

“Facebook’s onion address provides a way to access Facebook through Tor without losing the cryptographic protections provided by the Tor cloud.” said Alec Muffett Software Engineer for Security Infrastructure at Facebook London on blog post.

Now we can use Facebook anonymously through this link.

Have Facebook Onion Address SSL certificate?

Yes, facebook also provides SSL certificate for this link. It does not create “SSL certificate Warning” on tor browser. It tells that this link is really for Facebook.

“We decided to use SSL atop this service due in part to architectural considerations – for example, we use the Tor daemon as a reverse proxy into a load balancer and Facebook traffic requires the protection of SSL over that link. As a result, we have provided an SSL certificate which cites our onion address; this mechanism removes the Tor Browser’s “SSL Certificate Warning” for that onion address and increases confidence that this service really is run by Facebook. Issuing an SSL certificate for a Tor implementation is – in the Tor world – a novel solution to attribute ownership of an onion address; other solutions for attribution are ripe for consideration, but we believe that this one provides an appropriate starting point for such discussion.” said Alec Muffett Software Engineer for Security Infrastructure at Facebook London on blog post.

Bad news to use Facebook anonymously:

Bad news is for mobile users. They cannot use Facebook anonymously yet.

But Buffercode is Buffercode , so we will write a tutorial to use facebook anonymously on mobile. 😉