Facebook groups app for facebook lovers:

Peoples use facebook to keep contact with friends and family who may live far from them or not. To keep in contact with friends and family frequently, we use mobile. Facebook made a facebook app for mobiles users. As we make groups on facebook or joined groups of others for different purposes. We communicate with different people or share something in groups. Now Facebook introduced a separate app “Facebook groups app” for android and iOS mobile users. It is good news for mobile users.

Release date of Facebook groups app:

Facebook released Facebook groups app yesterday. It is good news for those who communicate with different peoples in groups for educational or entertainment or any other informational purpose.

Features of Facebook groups app :

Here we will discuss features of Facebook groups app.

Facebook groups app will be faster like messenger to share and keep in contact with groups members.

This app covers all group features.  We can keep it on desktop to see groups activities

It has group logo like messenger app on mobile.

Facebook groups app logo
Facebook groups app logo

First of all when we will open Facebook groups app, it shows a list of groups which we used mostly. It means the mostly frequently used groups will be at the top list. We can search other groups which we may use a few times.

Facebook groups app1

Creating new groups:

Create new group
Create new group

It facilitates us to create new groups and also their settings e.g. closed or public group or post approval system etc.

Notification setting at Facebook groups app:

groups notifications
groups notifications

We can receive notification of all groups in this app which we are to be joined. We can stop notification of any group o any post of any group etc. It means Facebook groups app permits us to set notifications.

Discovery tab in Facebook groups app:

Discovery tab
Discovery tab

Discovery tab gives you suggested groups list according to your location, your friends groups, or your liked pages.

Can Facebook groups app be used inside facebook app?

Offcourse, we can use this app inside the facebook.

Is it available at android and iOS devices?

Yes it is available at android and iOS devices with “Facebook Groups” app name.

Download this app from playstore and install and then enjoy this app. 🙂 🙂