Do Future’s Google New Nexus phone will have new names?!!


Nexus 6

When the cell phone giants release their new product in market with old names carried forward like as in case of Nexus 7, the problem is faced by search engines in finding up the information and also by the mobile phone employees in understanding that what a customer is exactly looking for.

But a bit of relief in this problem area from Google’s side, they have found some extra alphabets for its brand new collection of 2015 Nexus handsets ready for releasing. The reports say that it can be the Nexus 5S (heard about it before by many) and the Nexus 6P.

Now if we try to solve out the mystery of these extra letters we can have the inference that it can be like X for eXtra and P can be for Plus or can be for Phablet!!  Offcourse nothing can be said exactly in such situation but well for the time being we can leave our imagination go wild and can come out with new words for the alphabets.

Well this innovation means a lot to Google in the sense that imagine that situation when you see an advertisement that says that there is special offer on Nexus 6, You get tempted after seeing it but you are not personally sure at that very movement that whether it is a 2014 model or a 2015 one.

All the puzzles will be set in places on 29 September, the day Google has officially invited media for seeing the release of its new handsets. The event will also be livestremed at the official handle of Google at Youtube.

What at this moment we can expect from Google for his phones can be that the new Nexus 6P will be bigger, more costly and more premium to the pair releasing with it i.e., Nexus 5S which is guessed to be a more pocket friendly set, Well all the questions will be answered in next 9 days!!