PlayStation Hacked!

This might be the craziest thing done in the world of gaming, when some hackers hacked Sony’s PlayStation gaming console to run Linux.

This console hacking goes by the name FailOverflow, the hackers somehow managed to hack PlayStation 4 and ran a Linux kernel-based operating system.

FailOverflow announced that they have successfully hacked the PS4 and managed to full version of Linux on the system, turning the PS4 in to a real PC.

Hackers also managed to run games on PS4

The full version of Linux is installed on PS4 but the hacking doesn’t stop here, the hacking group also managed to install an emulator for the Game Boy Advance and a version of Pokemon.

Although the complete details of the hack are yet to be revealed, but it seems like that the hacking group exploited a WebKit flaw similar to that the one known as CTurt exploited by a hacking group for developing a Jailbroken version of PS4.

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Video Demonstration

The hacking group presented its PS4 hack at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress conference that took place on December 30, 2015.

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