Here we will discuss How to Anonymously Access Wi-Fi from 2.5 miles away using Dubbed Proxyham. It’s always the matter of discuss when anonymity is in the frame. In some of our previous post we discuss about how to surf web anonymously and little bit about Encryption and Decryption . We also had a discussion about Encryption Chat Method using Chat Secure . But still if anonymity is in the frame then it’s really hard to use web by hidden your identity completely from government. Anonymity is something that seems next to impossible in this era of government surveillance. Even Tor and VPNs are no longer seem to be enough to protect user privacy. Once your IP address is discovered, your Game Over!

Why To Surf Internet Anonymously and why Anonymity matters ??

We all know that we have no privacy, it’s all because of internet. Internet just stole our privacy. Every site like Facebook , Twitter and many other kept our information (like address or region, phone number etc) to analyse the data through Data Warehousing and Data Mining .They just analyse every thing what we like or what not and they also use our personal text messages and comments to analyse our perfect choice for more  relevant adds.

So how can you think they are not tracking what you are surfing .There is no security and no privacy in the world of Internet. If you want to secure yourself you must have to use your smartness .

But whenever we do bad thing such as connecting with public wi-fi we need anonymity.
However, security researcher Benjamin Caudill has developed a device that not only allow users to anonymously connect with public Wi-Fi, but also let them connect from approx 2.5 Miles away. It also adds an extra layer of anonymity for users such as scientists , journalists and also bad boys (Crimnals).

How ProxyHam works?

ProxyHam is embedded with a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer , which have three antenna setup in it. One for connecting to pubic Wi-Fi , while other two are used to transmit the Wi-Fi signal at a 900 MHz frequency.
By using these three antennas we can effectively connect to a public Wi-Fi in the range of approx 2.5 Miles, depending on interference and noise factors.
Proxyham is essentially a hardware proxy that allows real paranoids to connect to a far-away public Wi-Fi network over a low-frequency radio connection, making it more difficult for cops or spies to find the real source of the internet traffic.

Caudill tells “We consider this the last or worst case scenario, the absolute fallback plan if everything else fails,”

Caudill will showcase the Proxyham at the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas in August, where he will also release the source code, the blueprint, and hardware specs so anyone can create their own.He also plans to sell it “at cost” for $200, “as a service to the community.”( Price may be drop to $150 eventually).
He and his colleague are working to enhance its features, they are thinking about adding self-destruct function in case device will be found and tempered. They are also thinking about to develop a system which will record the audio before last few minutes of destruction.
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