1. OOOOhh cut off with friends due to using watsapp plus 🙁
  2. i missed my friends , my watsapp plus stop working :`(
  3. I am banned for 24 hrs for using third whatsapp plus .

Social media like facebook and twitter are getting overloaded with statuses and tweets like “my whatsapp banned me .“ “my friend broke up with me because I didn’t answer her whatsapp message” . “WhatsApp exploiting our trust in them by banning us .

Is this a mind game from whatsapp??

As the social media is bombarded by banned news, the other geek websites are becoming the hot zone for arguments like either the whatsapp is playing a game or are they using the right WhatsApp? Now that gets every one thinking and thinking ….
There is been news on internet that whatsapp is launching another cool with more trendy stuff in the shape of whatsapp plus but we all know that news was fake ….whatsapp have longed denied any claims and silence the false claimers.

Recently Whatsapp Banned uses for using Whatsapp Plus Application
Now again the internet is spinning with no one to know the exact answers about the whatsapp but we do have the answer to clear the building confusion.
If you are using a whats app application and you received a notification saying that your app violated our term service policy …here is news there is difference between whatsapp and whatsapp md(moded) or whatsapp plus .

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Difference between whatsapp and whatsapp plus(Whatsapp vs Whatsapp plus)

Whatsapp is an independent application whereas whatsapp plus is a third party application having the no guarantee that your data is secure or not.

About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an application that facilitate users to communicate with each other by sending text messaging free of cost. User just installed it from play store and communicate through it. It is fully trusted software user no need to worry that their data can be hacked.

Download From Play Store :Whatsapp

About Whatsapp Plus

whatsapp plus is a third party application that is doing business by displaying itself as whatsapp with some extra feature. It’s a third party application that inspired users with its extra feature like:
• The Visual Themes
• Emoticons
• File Sharing Options
• Other Settings And Appearance

But you have no guarantee that your data is secure or you will be hacked in future.

Whatsapp banned users for using any third party applications .

So now is on action. Whatsapp banned whatsapp plus so that user can install real whatsapp and cherish real fruit of whatsapp. Whatsapp also punishes users who use third party application .

The points that you must keep in your mind when installing a correct whatsapp:
                Whatsapp                 Whatsapp plus
  Having Green color of symbol   Having Blue color of symbol