Ethical Hacking

Note: Hacking is not a joke so please keep patience and learn it step by step.


Starting from Ethics of Ethical Hacking

I know most of the users here just want to know how to hack facebook account :p .But friends hacking is not all about enters into someone account , it’s the creativity in computer science , it is an art. So please respect hackers , they do much more than what you think.

To enter into someones facebook account is one of the simplest thing they do.
So just stick with us, register with our website free , we will try to make you a professional hackers so that you can earn and understand the security of this computer world. We are going to start with ethics of ethical hacking.
This website gives you the basic understanding of hacking, we will cover basic as well as advance topics of hacking. But remember do not use it as a tool to carry out malicious and destructive activities. It is a tool for people who are interested in extending or perfecting their skills to defend against such attacks and damaging acts .
In the first session we will discuss the following topics :

  • Why you need to understand your enemy’s tactics
  • Recognizing the gray as well as black areas in security
  • How does this stuff relate to ethical hacking ?
  • The controversy of hacking tutorials or classes
  • Where do attacker have most of their fun?

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