Basic Linux Exploits:Make your Pc more secure and learn the basics of computer world

Why study Exploits?

Before learning exploits ,one should know about vulnerability.What does it means in the world of computer science? One must research on it .
Sometime security professionals will mistakenly believe and publish the statement:“The vulnerability is not exploitable.”
Ethical hackers should study exploits to understand if it is exploitable.The Black HAT hackers know that every vulnerability is exploitable. They know that just because one person could not find an exploit to the vulnerability , that doesn’t mean someone else won’t find it.It’s all about matter of time and skill level. Therefore an ethical hacker hacker must understand how to exploit vulnerabilities.

In these tutorials, we cover BASIC LINUX EXPLOITS concepts:

  • Stack operations and little bit Assembly Language
  • Buffercode overflows
  • Local buffer overflow exploits
  • Exploit development process

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PreRequests to learn Basic Linux Exploits:

Note:We will start these tutorials from 10/Nov/2014 so stay with us and subscribe us to get update .
Our aim is to aware you about security issues not to harm anyone. We are not responsible if you misuse it. 

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