There is good news for Tesla Motor’s lovers, recently the CEO Elon musk said in his tweet that Tesla’s version 7 software package for Tesla S will be released to the general public this Thursday, i.e. Oct.15.

It has been a century we are using the automobiles, but this the rise of new smart automobiles era. Every big brand is trying to manufacture the smart vehicles, especially implementing the autopilot technology in their vehicles. And this is what version 7 software package for Tesla S does.

Of course it does not turn your vehicle in to fully auto pilot but it will definitely make your driving experience a lot easier. According to Electrek, this new software package will allow the Tesla S to park itself in the parking spots. Also it will allow it to change the lanes automatically.

The campaign of Tesla’s autopilot began back in March to express that Tesla’s current cars have the sensor which are necessary to drive itself in some conditions.

However the technology is not ready for the auto driving in the complex conditions.

Full Automotive Autonomy is to arrive soon

Today this technology is limited, No company has yet developed the fully autonomous car. But the CEO of Musk gave a hope the world that we’ll be having a great command on this technology. Last month Elon Musk said that “Tesla S’s autopilot features are geared toward highways and for relatively simple roads.”  Further he also commented on the matter of rumoured Apple Car and Google’s Self Driving project and said we all mighty be buzzing around town in fully autonomous cars sooner than we expect.

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