Apple has recently removed some malicious apps from its App Store. According to Apple there were some apps on the App store that have the ability to negotiate encrypted connections between the servers and the user.

Apple is advising its users to uninstall the malicious apps from their apple devices, to avoid the monitoring of its users.

Apple said “We have removed a “few” apps from the iOS App Store that could install root certificates and allow monitoring your data.”

The Apps are Spying Encrypted Traffic

Apple founded that there are some apps on the iOS App Store that are capable of spying on the users by negotiating SSL/TSL security of their online communication.

The root certificates are the basics of how encrypted connections works and verify the resources that users try to connect with. It also makes a secure environment for the users to access the different resources.

But in this case, the malicious apps on the Apple’s App Store were operating like an interface between the SSL and endangering all private Internet traffic of user.

So, to get rid of this problem Apple has removed the malicious apps from the App store.

However the name of the malicious apps on the App Store is to be disclosed by the company yet.

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Point to be noticed here is that Apple allowed such apps on App Store earlier, in other words using Apple till now was not safe. Also they are now appealing the users to uninstall the malicious apps without disclosing the names of the apps. They have already posted the way to uninstall the apps on their Support Page. Now someone tell Apple that every person in this world is not technical expert. They can’t determine that which app is installing Root Certificates in their system.

I hope Apple will disclose the name of Apps that are installing the Root Certificates to the devices of the users to keep their users safe.

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