What sort of apps do you install on your Android Smartphone?

I hope the trusted ones. Now, what if someone installs a malicious app on your smartphone without your permission?

It can leave your personal information at a big risk and can harm you in many other ways.

Yes, Security researchers have discovered the Trojanized Adware Family that can install any Android application on your phone by fooling the OS’ accessibility features.

The head of response at Mobile Security Firm, Michael Bentley warned in a blog post that the team has founded three adware families.

They are:

  • Shedun
  • Kemoge
  • Shuanet

These three adware can root-infect the Android device to prevent their removal, providing the attacker an unrestricted access to the device. The Shedun adware has the abilities that go beyond the reach of any other adware.

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About the Trojanized Adware

Instead of exploiting any flaw in the Android the adware relies on the service’s legitimate functionality.

When you install any app from Shedun adware family, it tricks user into granting you the access to the Android Accessibility Service. By gaining the access to the accessibility services Shedun can do many things including,

  • Read the text on the phone screen,
  • Determine an app installation prompt,
  • Scroll through the permission list,
  • And finally clicks on the installation button without any physical touch.

The worst part is that the Shedun apps can’t be uninstalled easily as it roots itself into the device and then embed itself into the system partition.

Lookout named these adware as “Trojanized Adware” as the aim of this malware is to install third party apps on the device.

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