Stone tether smallest tracking device:

stone tether smallest tracking device

Technology has made life easier if you fail to remember something. A new device is becoming to discover your lost items. Its name is stone tether. It is world’s littlest tracking Bluetooth device yet.  A question must be came in your mind that what this device find and how?  Stone tether smallest tracking device can discover lost items in long range. Now e ill explain the features of stone tether smallest tracking device in detail.

When stone tether smallest tracking device is coming?

It is coming in next year April 2015.

Who is the manufacturer of it?

Dell Marth LLC is the founder of this Bluetooth tracking device in long range.

Features of stone tether smallest tracking device:

Here is the following description of stone tether smallest tracking device.

It is small lightweight and in square shape. Stone tether has mobile application for iOS and android devices. We can synchronize our smartphone with this device to discover lost item. If you dip in water up to 30 feet, there is no tension. It is water proof. Its battery life time 1 year. Its battery is Common CR2016. You can use it for many years unlike other tracking devices. It comes with four colors: blue, black, pink and light gray.

stone tether smallest tracking device2

Firstly, stone tether smallest tracking device discover your lost items. But how does it discover and what type of item? Item may be a key or your video recording pen or any important something like it. If you fail to recall that where you have kept key or any child may throw key under the bed or table or like it. Key may be office key or key of car of key of home. You must get depressed on absence of key.  Be happy :). Stone tether smallest tracking device is helpful. When you will use stone tether mobile application. The device will create sound.

stone tether smallest tracking device3

Secondly, if your precious thing is out of insight, you must hurt. Stone tether smallest tracking device will make you tension free. Precious thing may be a child or your any favorite animal like pet or cat or rabbit. If you want to keep in eye them in the range of 500 feet, you can put or attach it with them.

If they go beyond the range of 500 feet, you will notify on mobile or you can extend tracking range.

Thirdly, stone tether smallest tracking device also acts as a reminder.  If you want to go on any event and feel needs of some items on this event, you can make list of items on stone tether mobile application calendar. You can use this calendar as reminder. When you do preparation to go on event and pack items with stone tether, it alerts you if you leave something.

Fourthly, if something is disappeared and out of range. You can inform this disappeared item to other stone tether device. If it will be discovered, you will receive information about the location of discovered item.

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