Ashley Madison, the largest cheating website with the tag line ” Life is short. Have an affair ” was hacked by the group of hackers called itself The Impact Team . And now Finally these Hackers Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data Onto Dark Web. It also includes sensitive costumer information of nearly 36 Million Ashley Madison customers’ accounts.

Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data was posted on Tuesday on so called Dark Web. In my previous post I wrote about Silk Road which is just a part of Dark Web, in this post I will tell you about Dark Web.

What is Dark Web?

Finally Hackers Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data Onto Dark Web

The Dark Web which is also known as Deep Web contain 96% of Internet Data. It consist of non indexed pages, which are not traceable by traditional search engines such as Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. You need a special kind of browser to access Dark Web, Tor Browser is one of the famous browser to access the Dark Web. In our previous Post How to surf web anonymously ??, we describe about Tor Browser and describe how to use it.
Surface Web is just what you and a normal person can see, which is just about 4%, while 96% of data is on Deep Web, which can be access by encrypted Browser. Their domains are on Onion followed by a random address.

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How to access Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data?

As we wrote in above paragraph that The Impact Team i.e., A group of Hackers, upload 9.69 GB of data on Deep Web, which includes sensitive like Account Number, Username, Password etc. To access this data you need you need a Tor Browser.

Download Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data from here Download

The Download Button will take you on an onion website, you can see its screen shot in below image.
Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data

There you will find a Torrent link as Torrent for the released data, when you click on this link a torrent file will be download. You can use this file to download 9.69 GB of Ashley Madison Leaked Data. In Below Screenshot you can see the file information of Leaked Data.
ashleymadison Dumped Stolen Ashley Madison Data

This news is viral in top websites like Wired .
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