Guccifer is a egregious Romanian hacker,whose real name is Marcel Lazar Lehel has been permitted to abandon to the United States to face Computer Intrusion and Identity theft charges for 18 months when requested by US authorities.

Hacker extradited

Guccifer was arrested in Romania for provoking to the email and social networking of various high profile politicians of US and Romanian.Romania’s top court has accepted a request made by US authorities to abandon Guccifer to the United States.

Guccifer’s well known target from politics are :

  • Bill Clinton (Former President)
  • Hillary Clinton(U.S Presidential Candidate)
  • George W. Bush(Former U.S. President)
  • Colin Powell(former U.S. Secretary)
  • George Maior (chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service)
  • John Tenet(State Director of Central Intelligence for the United States CIA)
  • Richard Armitage(Republican politician)
  • Lisa Murkowski (U.S. Senator and former Secret Service Agent) and many more.

Guccifer Life History

Guccifer started his hacking career at the age of 35 and he has also hacked the account of George W Bush which made him popular in 2013 and Guccifer also leacked Mr.Bush’s personal photos and artwork.Guccifer was also responsible in cracking AOL account of Bush’s sister and he targeted number of famous personalities.
On hacking Bush’s account,Guccifer also claimed that he was a member of KU KLUX KLAN- a group by Anti-Defamatioin League.This serious leakage also lead to many backlash on varios topics like relationship between Romanian Politician Colin Powell and Corina Cretu but both disagree with this statement.To know more about Guccifer leaks visit ‘THE SMOKING GUN’ where he used to published the leaked information.

According to Guccifer’s wife, “Guccifer did most of his hacking from the quiet Sâmbăteni, which is located in the Draculan Village Transylvania.”

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