Have you been in a fight, we all better know that what it feels like? Since past the ways of fighting a war keeps changing as the technology walks with time. As the technology advances, we have observed that the war becomes more and more brutal but now the technology has taken the leap of faith which greatest ever in the human history. Which is due to the invention of the computers. As the whole world seems to be connected with internet by silicon chips, we might assume that it is already the integral part of our world.

Prove to be the most dangerous weapon in the human history

Anything can be used in two ways, good or evil. But if the silicon chips we are talking about are used in bad ways, means for destruction the cyber war can prove to be the most dangerous weapon in the human history. For example, nuclear missile activation needs the particular activation codes (launch codes). They are protected by security only so if there is security it can be broken too and if the enemy’s nuclear missiles are detonated on the enemy base itself than seldom it will create a massacre, not this much financial breakdown is the top priority of the enemy for winning the war, if the economy of the country is broken than the war cannot be fought, in coming time the intelligence agencies will not send spies for investigation but they will prefer sending hackers so to hack the country’s database like stock market which if succeeded will lead to win the war and will transfer financial wealth to the winner. Moreover the most basic need of the human life is communication if the network system of the country is hacked then it can threat the very existence of the people, it will create chaos among the people which will lead to as a whole fall of the nation in every sector because everything depends upon telecom and internet for communication. It is like living with primates which cannot be done today we all know, so glimpse of the actions of the cyber war are thought here. Also artificial intelligence should not be forgotten which itself a great topic of discussion.

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So we make things for life, giving it pleasure but everybody know what destructive thoughts can do, they can vanish everything which belongs to enrichment to humanity. And as we know war is the mother of inventions so what invention might cyber war may bring to us that is good stage for spectating. But use of inventions and sand chips solely depends upon the greatest thing the God ever created the human mind i.e. it depends on us we use is it as a tool or weapon. The above topic solely depend on the way we use our brain constructive or evil.

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