A bit shocking but Yes, Dell the first choice brand of Indians in laptops is going to buy the Data Storage Company EMC. The more interesting is the cost of this deal.

This deal is the biggest tech deal ever happened, it is the record breaking $ 67 Billion deal. The computing colossal Dell has confirmed the long rumoured deal on Monday.

A long rumoured biggest tech deal will make Dell the world’s first largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company.

I guess most of you must not have heard of the EMC before, but amazingly it operates many of the services that you are using. Let me introduce you to EMC, it is tech giant which offers data centre storage and data processing for big technology companies existing on the planet.

And now after the confirmation of the biggest tech deal the company is acquired by Dell, Michael Dell, CEO and the chairperson of Dell said “The combination of Dell and EMC creates an enterprise solutions powerhouse bringing our customers industry leading innovation across their entire technology environment.

How this Biggest Tech Deal benefits Dell?

This biggest tech deal will benefit Dell in setting up an all new company that will sell personal computers as before, along with that the IT services as servers and data storage and virtualization software that allows those data centres to run efficiently.

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Moreover the stockholders of the giant EMC will receive $27.25 per share and if we talk about the VM Ware the company bought by EMC in 2004 will get $33.15 per share.

Also the VM Ware will remain the independent company under EMC on the New York Stock Exchange.

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