Dropbox Paper is a document editing platform,which will help you to collaborate with multiple user.The new plan is an extension of NOTE SHARING APP.There is no doubt is saying that Dropbox is going head to head with GOOGLE DOCS.Let’s see how this app works-

Document can be created by an user and write a text simply,it contain few rich text edititng feature in compare to Google Docs or Quip.In Google Docs or Quip if an user want to format a text,user will need another word processing app.Different type of content and file can be arrange in a better way by PAPER said by product manager MATTEUS PAN.

WHAT in case of photos and videos? Simply an user can add a photo by adding a dropbox link in the document directly,PAPER will change that link automatically in photo or videos,same in case of other web content.

An user can also write a to-do list, with ‘@’ mentions that who is the incharge of a task to make it complete.Paper is somewhat more malleable then the harsh picture between files and document erect in Google Drive.

An user can easily comment in a document with the help of text and custom stickers.An user can make a private document and everything is coiled into a search directory.

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Paper with a smart insert and plain rext approach seems quite different hence Paper is Google Docs challenger.Instead of looking like document creation platform it is more like a white board.

The company’s idea is to finely tune the Paper with a focus group include thousand of users with business with teams before releasing a ultimate version.Paper will come with a SMARTPHONE APPLICATION.

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